Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract between dbs Power and Energy and the client.

dbs will install, operate and finance the cogeneration installation, at no cost to you and simply contract the energy produced by the mCHP back to you at a discounted rate.


  • No capital outlay
  • No risk
  • Maintenance costs is the responsibility of dbs Power and Energy
  • Guaranteed energy costs for the duration of the Agreement
  • Guaranteed savings


As the leader in micro cogeneration, dbs is very sensitive to the capital constraints of the multi-residential and long term care sector. This sector is extremely well-suited to micro cogeneration, but often cannot make the capital commitment necessary due to numerous factors, such as investment consideration and reserve fund restrictions.

Apartment Owners, REIT, and Board Members turn to dbs to provide a solution whereby electricity cost can be decreased, carbon footprint reduced, and reliability increased without the need to make a capital investment.  In other words, NO UP FRONT COSTS!

Cash & Carry (Capital Purchase)

The customer is provided with a fixed cost for a complete turnkey design built onsite power plant. This option is available to any customer who wishes to experience the immediate benefits of owning the onsite power plant energy solution.  With this option, the client uses their own capital for the purchase of the full scope of the project including feasibility studies, project design, installation, commissioning, monitoring, service and maintenance of the onsite power plant.

Finance to Own

Based on the creditworthiness of the client – the client signs a contract to purchase the electricity generated by a Micro Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) unit over several years. The financier will fund all the costs associated with the implementation of an mCHP project and at the end of the term the client assumes 100% ownership.